Meet our local Cozumel facilitators!

This blog was written by our very founder, Macy Jozsef  to introduce Yazmin and Adam, our local Cozumel dolphin therapy facilitators.

“Yazmin and Adam live on Cozumel Island –they are our “local” representatives, and they make it possible for all of you to participate in our dolphin therapy literally any time.

Three years ago, I needed dental work, and I was heading to Cozumel.  I asked a friend who lives in Cozumel if she knew of a good dentist, and she gave me Yazmin’s name and said she was an excellent dentist.

We communicated via email about the dental work I needed done,made appointments to have it taken care of while I was in Cozumel, and here’s “the rest of the story”.  We have become great friends, AND she is now the Cozumel Living From The Heart representative.  She is a beautiful person inside and out, as is her fiance’ Adam!!

For the first year after I met her, she would assist me with the families who came for dolphin therapy.  She is a natural at that –and is so present and caring with the children and parents.  After that first year, she worked with a family who she had worked with when I was there “showing her the ropes”.  Her confidence and intuition came through, along with the knowledge she had gained while working with me.

Now, it is possible for people to go to Cozumel at any time for our dolphin therapy program.  Though Yazmin is a very busy dentist, whenever possible, she arranges her schedule so that she can lead our programs.  Adam, her fiance’ has been assisting her for the past year –he is a natural also –and his charm and warmth makes our families feel so comfortable.  They’re a great team!!

Adam was out of town last September when we had two families travel to Cozumel for dolphin therapy.  Given that Adam was out of town,Yazmin enlisted her friends, Rick and Tracey to help.  They fit right in –were a huge help to Yazmin and the families, and now our Cozumel staff has grown.  Thanks, Rick and Tracey for pitching right in and making a difference in the lives of the families who traveled so far to participate in our program last September.

For our upcoming programs, we look forward to continue being able to count on Yazmin, Adam and our growing dolphin therapy community on the beautiful island of Cozumel. ”

Yaz and Adam enjoying beautiful Cozumel.

Yaz and Adam enjoying beautiful Cozumel.


Yaz beaming joy after a dolphin therapy session.


Lovely dolphin therapy couple!

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From Poland to Cozumel for dolphin therapy

3-1/2 year old Franco traveled 14 hours on a plane from Poland to meet our dolphin friends in Cozumel.  Of course, he was with his Mom and Dad, Agnieska and Andrew –truly some of the most devoted parents I’ve ever met.

At that time, Franco had a language of his own –that no one understood.  It wasn’t Polish or English.  His parents were very concerned that he hadn’t spoken words, and that was the main reason that they brought him to us for dolphin therapy.

Agnieska and Andrew are willing to do literally anything to help their precious Franco, who lives with autism.  Included among the many examples of their love and dedication is a special massage that Agnieska does on Franco’s face and hands each day for 1-1/2 hours.

We did 10 dolphin therapy sessions with Franco –his Mom and Dad right there with him, of course.  Our long time dolphin friend, Amizcle and his son, Linco, emitted sonar to Franco during the 40 minute sessions.  Mom and Dad had an occasional ride also!!

After dolphin therapy in Cozumel, they went to Playa Del Carmen –a short ferry ride away –to rest and relax.  The first day they were in Playa Del Carmen, Franco said Mom and Dad in Polish.When they returned to Poland and Franco saw his little brother and his dog, he said their names –all the first time!!  The last email I received from Agnieszka, she said that he is saying all of his vowels.

I know that everything Franco’s parents have done for him since his diagnosis of autism have helped him tremendously –and, I know that the 10 sessions of dolphin therapy made a huge difference.

Please see our website for an explanation of how dolphin sonar works.  It is amazingly wonderful.  Franco speaking is beyond amazingly wonderful.


Franco with his dad, our local Cozumel volunteer Yazmin and Living from the Heart's founder Macy.

Franco with his dad, our local Cozumel volunteer Yazmin and Living from the Heart’s founder Macy.

Franco getting to know his dolphin friend.

Franco getting to know his dolphin friend.




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Dolphin therapy for chronic pain

One of our volunteers, Anny Ortiz, over the last 8 months has been working at a treatment center where they medically supervise a detox from opiates such as oxycontin and oxycodone. After an injury or surgery, sometimes even a dental procedure, people in the US are likely to be prescribed an opiate like the ones mentioned above, and patients are often unaware of the addictive potential these substances have.

Inadvertently, they become severely addicted, chemical dependent in fact, and years go by before they can get off, because as much as they try, the withdrawal effects they feel are too much, and they just continue consuming.

At the treatment facility where Anny works, they facilitate a treatment with an ancient African native root, called Ibogaine, that has the unique capacity to eliminate withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings. People who detox in this manner, have to come up with a pain management contingency plan to deal with the pain from their injuries in a non-narcotic way. This plan tends to include alternative options like acupuncture, chiropractic, flotation therapy, magnet therapy, etc.

There have been several people interested in exploring dolphin therapy as an added strategy to cope and decrease the intensity of their pain. For this reason, we are contemplating organizing a chronic pain dolphin therapy program. We wanted to put this out there, and see what kind of responses we can get from people.

What do you think about this option? Do you know anyone who could benefit from such a program? In the past we have had dolphin therapy participants that report a tremendous improvement in their pain level after dolphin therapy. We feel these patients could also highly benefit from this beautiful alternative treatment.


Ibogaine is found in an African native shrub that has been found to have a very complex mechanism of action in the nervous system, and the unique capacity to interrupt the addictive cycle to a variety of drugs, including the opiates, like painkillers such as oxycodone, oxyconting, vicodin, etc.

What are your thoughts regarding this possibility?

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Upcoming dolphin therapy program dates.

We are very excited to be able to inform you that we are planning a dolphin therapy program for the dates of February 20th through the 24th. The cost of the program is $925 and it includes 5-40 minute sessions of one-on-one dolphin time.

If you or someone you know would like to receive more information, or want to go ahead and sign up,  contact Macy Jozsef at (303) 512-3614, or via e-mail at

Macy herself will be participating in this program, so be sure to sign up before its too late.

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Little Kates in Cozumel

Our dear friend Yazmin, an amazing dentist in Cozumel and a fabulous volunteer with Living from the Heart recently facilitated a mini dolphin therapy retreat for these 2 beautiful little girls, both named Kate. These pictures show how much fun was had by all.

3 (30) 3 (1) 3 (4) 3 (8) 3 (12) 3 (22) 3 (17)

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Meet our newest collaborators – Part 1

As was mentioned in an earlier post, we are organizing our 2013 dolphin therapy programs, and they are looking better than ever. For the first time, we have decided to enroll the aid of very talented speech therapists to have them work with our participants right after they get out of the water.

In this way, we will be able to potentiate the powerful benefits of human-dolphin interactions, which we theorize will facilitate better, and more efficient learning. One of the therapists that will be assisting us with this work is Jen Cech.

Jen Cech has a M.S. Degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Eastern Illinois University.  She has over 10 years of experience working with pediatrics, school-age, and adolescents with communication disorders in both a school setting and private practice.

Meet Jen

Meet Jen

She has an abundance of experience, as well as, a special interest working with autism spectrum disorders, language processing disorders, and motor speech disorders.

Jen had the opportunity to swim with dolphins for the first time a couple of years ago. She relates that the 30 minutes she spent in the water with the dolphins, elevated her spirit and energy, and made her feel and incredible joy and bliss during a very difficult time in her life.

Jen has been looking for ways to incorporate an intuitive, energetic healing component to the scientific modalities she utilizes in her private practice in California where she currently resides.

Through a series of beautifully orchestrated synchronistic events, she  became aware of the work that Living from the Heart, The Dolphin experience is doing, as well as their research efforts, and after learning about the brainwave entrainment response, and hemispheric synchronziation phenomenon, she became passionately determined help.

We are more than thrilled to have her on-board and look forward to the revolutionary work we will do together!

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2013 program enhcancements

We have been working on organizing the program for our July and September 2013 dolphin therapy retreats. We have been thinking of ways in which we can make our program a more effective and transcendental experience for our participants.

brain wave chart

This chart shows the significant drop in brain-wave activity. The alpha or theta brain wave response elicits a deep relaxation that has far reaching immune implications.

Based on the early research performed by the Aquathougt foundation, which concluded that being in direct contact with the dolphins generated an induced relaxation response as reflected in brain-wave pattern changes, as well as hemispheric synchronization, which indicated peak brain performance, we are intending on creating a space that is conducive to optimal learning right out of the water!

A lot of the participants that we have had over the years have been autistic children who struggle with language. It looks as though 2013 will not be the exception. For this reason, we have decided to bring on-board highly trained speech therapists to work with our participants  to increase the changes of powerful and significant breakthroughs. Stay tuned to learn about them!


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